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Practice Areas


Sustainability and climate change issues are at the core of national, business and organizational survival. The firm understands the impact of law in sustainability and climate change and is able to render advisory and consultancy services to both private and public sectors. We have capacity to advice on issues that touches on sustainability and climate change, including issues in renewable energy, manufacturing, clean technology and intellectual property, lending and investing, sustainable development and corporate governance.


The litigation arm of the firm handles all manner of dispute litigation ranging from commercial to personal disputes. Our lawyers have appeared before the various levels of court around the country. The firm has contributed immensely to the development of the Nigerian legal jurisprudence through its well researched oral and written legal arguments especially in very novel areas of the law. We are deliberate and particular about resolving disputes, hence our goal in every case is to obtain the best outcome for our clients.


As a believer in the adage that “justice delayed is justice denied” the firm consistently seeks in appropriate cases for ways to resolve disputes in a more timely manner except where the nature of the dispute does not permit. To this end, the firm has a well developed Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice through arbitration, negotiation and mediation. The firm has considerable expertise in arbitration proceedings having successfully represented clients from various sectors of the country. The firm has also been instrumental to the successful out-of-court resolution of disputes through the various mediation centers across the country.


We provide legal advice on all aspects of company formation and operation, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Registered Trustees and Sole Proprietorship. We assist with company re-organization, floatation, take-over, mergers and acquisitions, liquidation, winding-up and receiverships. Our services include searches, perfection of security, nominee services and secretarial services. We also draft and review commercial contracts in the general areas of sale of goods, asset purchases, asset leasing, agency, distributorship, franchising and other contracts relating to business.


The firm has built a reputation in the area of regulatory advice. Our regulatory/advisory services covers a wide range of sectors including Taxation, oil & gas, power, Immigration, Information, Media & Communication Technology, Intellectual and Real Property, family law.etc We assist clients in a variety of regulatory requirements ranging from the procurement of government permits to the filing of statutory documents at government regulatory departments. We generally assist businesses to adapt to a changing regulatory environment


Our services involve the filing of trademarks, patents and design applications at the various registries in Abuja. The firm is also involved in the protection of clients’ intellectual property and as such also files oppositions to intellectual property applications where they infringe on clients’ intellectual property.


We provide a full range of services in respect of property development in Nigeria and various interest in the sector, including leases, sales and acquisitions, and mortgages. We provide legal advice and consultancy services to private individuals, corporate bodies and other institutions on real estate matters in Nigeria.


In recognition of the dynamics and disruptions orchestrated by information technology, the firm has developed capacity and takes great interest in information technology law.


The firm has considerable experience in Energy and Oil and Gas Law including rendering legal advice for pre-contractual negotiations, drafting and review of agreements, advising clients on regulatory compliance within the oil and gas sector. Recently, our Managing Partner was part of a team of experts that advised the Federal Government of Nigeria on its Gas Flare Commercialization Program, oil and gas development, production and divestments.


Family Law is a major part of our practice. We have advised on settlement of property in divorce, pre and post nuptial agreements, cross-border dissolution of marriage, administration of estates and complex commercial disputes arising from Wills and Trust instruments.


We have unparalleled knowledge in taxation and have advised on various aspects of the law including Value Added Tax, Company Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Custom Duties and Tax Administration. Our people also advised on the fiscalisation of Consumption Tax in Lagos and Ogun States. We also partner with our sister firm, Tunasia Advisory Services, on general tax advisory services.


Nigeria has a bourgeoning entertainment industry. We have capacity to advice on gaming and sports, protection of rights in the entertainment industry and the entire value chain.


The firm assists client with the filing and procurement of work permits, expatriate quotas and Combined Expatriate Residents Permit and Alien Cards (CERPAC). The firm also partners with international law firms on immigration issues.

Employment & Labour

We have expertise on Labor Laws and employment disputes. We draft employment and outsourcing contracts. We provide general employment and labour legal support. Our lawyers have represented and are representing employers and employees before the National Industrial Court on issues like non-compete clauses, dismissal/termination, redundancy etc.


In recognition of the dynamics and disruptions orchestrated by information technology, the firm has developed capacity and takes great interest in information technology law.


We provide advice on the procedures for the acquisition of Bank, Micro- Finance and Insurances licences and also the compliance requirements of Anti-Money Laundering legislation and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Act. Financial technology (Fintech) is a major part of our practice. We assist financial technology companies on the regulatory environment in Nigeria.
Our practice include all aspects of domestic financing, including corporate finance, project finance, syndicated lending, assets finance, secured credit transactions, loan and finance agreements, mortgages, documentation and perfection of debentures; equipment lease financing and documentation, etc.
Our insurance sub practice group focuses on representing insurance companies and policyholders in the analysis, litigation, and settlement of disputed claims. Our lawyers have advised clients on various insurance issues, including oil and gas insurance, directors’ and officers’ liability, products liability, political risk, marine and aviation risks etc. We are also able to advice on cyber risk losses, environmental liabilities, construction defects, government investigations, political risk and other insurance risk related matters.